Community Spotlight: Jokrono & MagusVerborum's Umineko Playthrough

Today I’d like to draw the spotlight on our very own MagusVerborum’s playthrough of Umineko When They Cry with his good friend Jokrono. Magus, an Umineko veteran is guiding his blind friend and sherlock-in-training Jokrono through Umineko while they comment on the story as they read, and narrate each and every line with silly voices. This kind of content won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but this playthrough has gained a small loyal following on the forum.

I’ve personally found it noteworthy for being one of the few Umineko playthroughs on Youtube to make a serious attempt to analyse and speculate on the story as they read, with some fun commentary along the way. If you enjoy watching the reactions of someone completely new to Umineko (who doesn’t have much interest in Japanese media), with the guidance of a veteran to keep them from focusing on the wrong aspects, then this playthrough should be sweet to the taste. You can check it out above! They’re currently 5 hours into Episode 1, but we’ve been told they already have footage up to the end of Episode 2 recorded, so we have lots of content to look forward to from this playthrough!

If you know any other fan projects that you’d like to see mentioned in a community spotlight, feel free to contact me and we may be able to organise something!


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