Definitive guide to every Higurashi arc ever


Are you interested in the Higurashi series, but have no idea how to navigate all the arcs? Are you curious about all the additional arcs that have yet to be translated into English? Then hopefully this guide to all of the Higurashi arcs ever (not including doujinshi) should prove insightful! Yes, we even included the creepy ecchi arcs for completion’s sake! Special thanks to the Higurashi Wiki and forumer Isae for helping provide all the information I’ve used as the basis of this article. If you’d like to join us in discussing these arcs, we have a selection of topics on our forum that you can jump into at any time! With that said, here is our definitive guide to every Higurashi arc ever! If you have suggestions for how we can improve it or notice we’re missing an arc, be sure to let us know!

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Question Arcs):
Onikakushi (Demoning Away Arc) - Rena’s Question Arc
Watanagashi (Cotton Drifting Arc) - Mion’s Question Arc
Tatarigoroshi (Curse Killing Arc) - Satoko’s Question Arc
Himatsubushi (Time Killing Arc) - Rika’s Question Arc

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (Answer Arcs):
Meakashi (Eye Opening Arc) - Watanagashi Answer Arc
Tsumihoroboshi (Atonement Arc) - Onikakushi Answer Arc
Minagoroshi (Massacre Arc) - Tatarigoroshi Answer Arc
Matsuribayashi (Festival Accompanying Arc) - Himatsubushi Answer Arc & Finale

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei (PC Fandisc):
Saikoroshi (Dice Killing Arc) - Epilogue considered by most to be the true ending of the series
Batsukoishi (Penalty Loving Arc) - Ecchi crap
Hirukowashi (Daybreak Arc) - Love-love crap based on Higurashi Daybreak action game

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri (PS2 Port with three new arcs):
Taraimawashi (Rotation Arc) - Alternative Onikakushi
Tsukiotoshi (Exorcism Arc) - Alternative Tatarigoroshi
Miotsukushi Omote (Waterway Exhausting Arc: Front) - Alternate finale, replacing Matsuribayashi

Higuarshi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna (DS Port with 6 new arcs):
Someutsushi (Stain Following Arc) - Question Arc Adaptation of Onisarashi manga arc
Kageboushi (Silhouette Arc) - Answer Arc Adaptation of Onisarashi manga arc
Yoigoshi (Beyond Midnight Arc) - Adaptation of manga arc of the same name; Mion’s Post-Tsumihoroboshi Future
Tokihogushi (Untangling Arc) - Tomoe investigates Rena’s past
Kotohogushi (Congratulating Arc) - Exploration of Hinamizawa’s Ancient History
Miotsukushi Ura (Waterway Exhausting) - Kizuna’s version of Miotsukushi, focuses more on giving an ending to the Kizuna-exclusive characters: Natsumi, Tomoe and co. Matsuribayashi is also included in Kizuna.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sui (PS3/Vita Port with all Console Arcs as well as the following):
Hajisarashi (Embarrassment Arc) - Adaptation of Rei OVA Episode 1; Pool Shenanigans

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou (PC Release which includes all of the original Higurashi + Kai + Rei + 3 new arcs):
Hinamizawa Teiryuujo (Hinamizawa Bus Stop) - Higurashi Prototype
Higurashi Outbreak - Adaptation of OVA of the same name, independent arc featuring the main cast intended to be read after the main series
Kamikanshi (God Violating Arc) - Continuation of Outbreak

Manga Exclusive Arcs:
Onisarashi (Demon Exposing Arc) - Natsumi Arc
Utsutsukowashi (Reality Breaking Arc) - Meakashi Prequel
Kokoroiyashi (Heart Healing Arc) - Another Matsuribayashi Epilogue
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Jan - Based on the Mahjong game of the same name
Tsubamegaeshi (Swallow Counter Arc) - Continuation of the Jan sub-series
Kataribanashi (Anthology Arc) - Anthology of fan-submitted stories

Anime Exclusive Arcs:
Nekogoroshi (Cat Killing Arc) - Special Episode set before Yakusamashi in first season
Yakusamashi (Disaster Awakening Arc) - Prelude to Minagoroshi in Kai
Ayakashisenshi (Demon Battling Arc) - Magical Girl Story in Kira
Musubienishi (Affinity Arc) - Love Triangle crap in Kira
Yumeutsushi (Dream Appearing Arc) - Loli Rika Shenanigans in Kira

If you prefer a more visual guide, DoctorDiablo at 07th Mod has prepared this visual guide of all the VN arcs of Higurashi!



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