Umineko Answer Arcs Available Now + Words From The Translator & Ryukishi


The time has come at last: as of the 17th of November 2017, Umineko Answer Arcs are now available to purchase in English from Mangagamer (NSFW), with the Steam release expected to launch at 7PM EST!

As a fan of the series, it’s been a joy watching it progress from a humble fan translation back when it was releasing in Japan to the full-fledged localisation it’s receiving today. I honestly was never sure a day would come that such a niche title would receive an official localisation, and yet here we are. Against all odds, today we’ve witnessed the completion of a miracle.

In commemoration of the launch, translator of The Witch Hunt Chronotrig has shared some words over on the Mangagamer Blog, describing the long process it took to reach this point and some of the trials he had to face as a translator of such a monolithic work. On top of that, even Ryukishi07 himself has provided a comment on the release. On behalf of the Umineko fandom, I offer my heartfelt gratitude to all the members of The Witch Hunt for the countless hours they’ve spent toiling over this game over the past 9 years, and to Ryukishi for creating this amazing story. If it weren’t for your efforts, none of us would be here celebrating this wonderful series and making so many friends through it. Umineko changed my life for the better, and I have you to thank. If any of you reading share my sentiment, I hope you will purchase this new release and take the time to read through the new translation in honour of their tremendous efforts.

As of now, the Rokkenjima Umineko Tea Party has recommenced once more! For the next 9 weeks, we invite you to join us on the forum to read through and discuss the Umineko Answer Arcs as a community, and celebrate this momentous release. Whether you’re an old or new fan, we hope you’ll take the time to reflect on just what Umineko means to you.

But before that, at 3PM EST we’re hosting a Launch Party on the Rokkenjima Discord! We’ve opted to line this up with the Steam release as that seems to be what most people are waiting for. Due to a heavy expected turnout, we’re restricting this party to forumers of Witch status and above. Let’s spend the hours leading to the Steam release enjoying each other’s company and having some laughs! I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Once more, thank you for everything Umineko. I can’t wait to dive into your world once more.


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