Announcing our Umineko Answer Arcs Launch Party!


With Umineko Answer Arcs releasing on steam on the 17th, we’re hosting a launch party on our Discord server to celebrate!

If you’ve never been to a Kazoku Collective Discord party, they are very informal events where we rally the community to jump on our Discord voice channels and have fun chatting and playing games, which often devolves into beautiful people singing songs late into the night. You don’t need a mic to participate either, you can text chat while listening in! Once the game comes out, expect some people to excitedly read through it on voice, while others will probably speedrun to be the first in the world to unlock all the achievements. These things can get a little silly, but it’s all in good fun, so please don’t be shy! It’s all about building bonds, and our moderators will be on hand to keep things from getting too crazy. The last part was really chill, so it varies a lot.

Do keep in mind that the Discord server is only available to forumers of Witch rank or above, which means if you want to participate in the launch party and you don’t have it yet, you’ll need to post a little bit on the forum over the next few days to gain access. Don’t worry, it’ll come naturally as long as you use the forum! The party will officially commence at 3pm EST, and we’re expecting the game to launch at 7pm EST. We’ll have many hours to enjoy each other’s company, so feel free to join when you want and leave when you want!

We’re also giving away one more copy of Answer Arcs to one of our participants once it launches, so be sure to stick around for that!

Finally seeing Umineko released in English in it’s entirety is an amazing moment with celebrating, so we hope you’ll consider joining us! Let’s make it a fun night to remember, and build our bonds as a community along the way.


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