Umineko: Golden Fantasia Releasing on December 8! (Answer Arc Spoilers)


As if Umineko Answer Arcs launching wasn’t enough, Mangagamer have today announced the release date of Umineko’s fighting game: Golden Fantasia, scheduled to release on the 8th of December! A Steam Page of the game has been published in preparation. You can add it to your wishlist and jump on the community hub right now! They have announced that the game has new and improved rollback netplay for more smooth online gameplay.


When the game releases, we’re gonna be doing a lot on Rokkenjima to give fans of the game a place to discuss the game, find others to compete with, and tourneys to participate in. Closer to release we’ll have more to announce on this front, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll join us in looking forward to this release! After we finished reading Chiru of course.



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