Announcing the Umineko Tea Party! Commencing with Episode 1 on the 8th of July


That’s right! The Rokkenjima Tea Parties are back, and this time we’re getting together to read Umineko Episode 1: Legend of the Golden Witch together as a community to commemorate its launch on Steam! To finally see Umineko receive an official localisation is a huge occasion, so we can only hope to commemorate the best way we know how; gathering together to read and discuss it.

The Umineko Ep 1 Tea Party will take place from the 8th to the 30th of July, giving you guys a bit of extra time to acquire the game. Once it’s in your possession and you’ve found the time to read it, we invite you to share your impressions and join the discussion over on our forum topic. At the conclusion of the Tea Party a select few members of the community will join together to record a Podcast, collating all the forum discussion and sharing our own thoughts on the Episode we’ve just read. We’ll also be holding a drive for Fanworks of Umineko Episode 1 on the forum. It’s as much a critical analysis of Umineko as it is a celebration of it! You can get a feel for our Tea Parties by checking out our Higurashi Onikakushi Tea Party here. (Watanagashi is next up!)

The Tea Party will be 100% spoiler-free, and we’re hoping for people new to the series to push discussion forward. If you’ve had an interest in Umineko but have yet to take the plunge, I can guarantee that now’s the best time. Nothing beats the experience of discussing these stories with others as you read and having an audience to bounce speculation off. You won’t wanna pass this opportunity up!

I’m very excited to sit down with Umineko and discuss it with you all. I hope you’ll consider joining us when the time comes!

Feel free to use the discussion below to ask questions and share feedback on the Episode 1 Tea Party.


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