Higanbana Bookclub Podcast 2

Another week, another Higanbana Bookclub Podcast! In this episode we’ll be discussing the latter half of The First Night: Chapters 4. 5. 6 and 7. I Aspirety am joined once again by MagusVerborum, VyseGolbez and Pictoshark. There were some divisive opinions on how Utopia was handled, but as an overall experience, we’re enjoying our time with Higanbana very much. Please enjoy our debate over this, as well as our discussion on some of the potential applications of Ryukishi’s messages.

My humble thanks to all the forum members for their discussion of this chapter in the four forum topics: Shrine of the Guardian Deity, Hameln’s Castanets, One Girl’s Day and Utopia. Next up we’ll be taclking chapters 1-4 of The Second Night: The Lunar Festival, Reaper of the Thirteenth Step, Welcome to the Mirror World and The Boys’ Portrait.

At the moment we’re considering delaying the Bookclub to give some of our readers a chance to catch up; have your say in the discussion topic there. And don’t forget that there’s still time to contribute fanworks to our Higanbana Fanart Topic and other appropriate topics for the chance to win a Miracles fanzine!

If you’d prefer to download and listen to the podcast offline, we’ve prepared an mp3 you can download here. For more information about the Higanbana Bookclub, including links to relevant forum topics and future episodes, keep an eye on our Higanbana Bookclub Page.

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