Higurashi Ch. 3 Tatarigoroshi Released A Week Early!


On the 17th of June, Mangagamer surprised us by suddenly announcing that Higurashi When They Cry - Ch. 3 Tatarigoroshi is now on sale, a week ahead of its former release date! This should be awesome news for anybody looking forward to this release! The game is available for sale both on Mangagamer (NSFW Link) and on Steam below!

Given the success of our Onikakushi Tea Party earlier this year, Rokkenjima plans to host a Tea Party for this title in the future, but given that we still have Watanagashi, and Umineko to get through, it may be some time before we’re ready to announce a Tatarigoroshi Tea Party. That said, if anybody reading this has yet to dive into the world of Higurashi, we urge you to pick up Higurashi chapters 1 and 2 first, and join us on the forum to discuss them! We’re hoping to host the Watanagashi Tea Party once we’re finished with Umineko Episode 1, so stay tuned for more details on that!

And one more thing! From now until the 25th of June, you can get Tatarigoroshi for 10% off on Steam! Whether you plan to read it now or later, now would be a good time to purchase the title! Let us know if you’ve picked it up in the discussion below, and if you have, be sure to leave your thoughts in our Tatarigoroshi Discussion Topic!


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