Higurashi Ch. 1 Onikakushi Tea Party

Commemorating the launch of Rokkenjima, our first Tea Party was held for Higurashi Onikakushi. The Rokkenjima Tea Party sees our community join together to read, discuss and create fanworks of an 07th Expansion work on the forum, ultimately culminating in a podcast recorded by a select few of our community members. The aim is to both celebrate the work, and dig deep with analysis and speculation. The Tea Parties are 100% spoiler-free and newcomer-friendly; a great opportunity for people new to the work to finally get the hands dirty!

Once the community had discussed the chapter, our cast of Aspirety, Pepe, Kyuketsukimiyu and Karifean took to collating all of these thoughts and adding in our own, digging as deep as we can into the convoluted plot of Onikakushi. The podcast was a lot of fun and turned up some pretty interesting ideas. You can take a listen to the podcast in the video above, or download an MP3 here.

We hope you look forward to the Watanagashi Tea Party in the near future!


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