Higurashi Sou Concert CD/DVD Released


For those of who keep up with our Higurashi Sou news, this February 8th marked the release of the September 23rd Higurashi Sou concert DVD. The CD was previously reported to have been released in October; along with the DVD, it can still be found sold on the Hatune website.

Don’t want to deal with importing? Well, you’re in luck! Just last week, on February 15th, the CD was released in the US on CDbaby. If you missed the AmiAmi release like I did, this is the perfect opportunity to buy it!

The tracklist for the CD is as follows:

  1. Higurashi No Nakukoroni (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  2. Why, Or Why Not (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  3. Narakuno Hana (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  4. Taishou A (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  5. Nageki No Mori (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  6. Soranomukou (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  7. Thanks (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  8. Kokoro Musubi (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  9. Birth and Death (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  10. Futari Hitori (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  11. You-Destructive (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  12. You (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

  13. You (Vocal Version) (From “Higurashi When They Cry")

That’s not all! According to their Twitter, they will be having more concerts; locations have yet to be announced. You read that correctly! Their September 23rd concert was such a success that they are planning on performing more.

Let us know if you’ll be picking up these CDs/DVDs below! I sure will be as soon as I get the money for it.


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