Higurashi Sui gets re-released!


Surprise, surprise Higurashi Sui has been rescued from the depths of limbo! With the announcement of Kaga Create and Alchemist going under last year, it was relatively unknown whether the 07th Expansion ports would be rescued or not.

Ryukishi tweeted that Sui would be re-released to the world thanks to Entergram. It is currently on sale for 2980 yen until May 8th where it’ll be back to retail price of 3,980 yen.

Since returning back to PSN this month, Sui is doing well download-wise - it is currently in 2nd place in both the PS Vita and PS3 rankings.

Vita users rejoice! You can download the previous released themes onto your Vita so if you didn’t do so before, better do so now while it’s still hot. Now if they would release their PS3 themes again, that would seal the deal for me!

Perhaps in the future we will get a new installment of Higurashi ports for the remaining Ryukishi written arcs.

Will you be downloading Sui? Let us know down below! Better get it while it’s on sale!


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