Higurashi Tea Party Podcast 3: Tatarigoroshi

The time has come at last for the curtain to rise once more on our Higurashi Tea Party. Territory lord Aspirety has risen from his slumber and extends an invitation to all interested in witnessing this journey. Joining me as an observer is Doldod the Serendipitous. Our contenders for this podcast are Pepe the Feeling and VyseGolbez the Challenger. With all the pieces assembled, we return our gaze to the humble village of Hinamizawa.

My humble thanks to all the forum members for their discussion of this Chapter, and congratulations to Funyarinpa for earning the prestige of the Tatarigoroshi Tea Party MVP. You will be rewarded with a forum badge and a free Higurashi chapter of your choosing!

The next chapter we’ll be focusing on is Himatsubushi, the final stop before we reach the Higurashi Kai: the answer arcs. Those participating in the Tea Parties are welcome to begin reading and discussing as soon as they wish. We’re going to take a bit of time to make sure the Himatsubushi Tea Party is attracting as much attention as possible with some special promotion; keep an eye on our Twitter account for more regarding that. You may just have a chance to win Himatsubushi if you don’t own it yet.

Moving forward with our Rokkenjima Tea Parties & Bookclubs, we are going to be working hard to incentivise more veteran participation by getting discussion happening on spoiler topics, and also incentivise more fanwork creation with prizes up for grabs. So if you feel like drawing fanart of Rika for the Himatsubushi Tea Party, you could win a prize! Spread the word, let’s work together to make these Tea Parties the biggest celebration of Higurashi in the western world!

If you’d prefer to download and listen to the Tea Party offline, we’ve prepared an mp3 you can download here. For more information about the Higurashi Tea Party, including links to relevant forum topics and future episodes, keep an eye on our Higurashi Tea Party Page.

All music used in this podcast are the property of their respective rights holders. Feel free to message me if you’d like to know the source of a music track!


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