Our Higurashi Tea Party is being put on hold.


We regret to announce that Rokkenjima’s Higurashi Tea Party is being put on hold due to a combination of lack of interest and organisational issues. Regrettably there’s been a noticeable lack of discussion on the forum to base our podcasts on, and we are lacking in eligible cast members for said podcasts.

In the meantime, we’ll be moving forward with the Umineko Tea Party with Episode 4, starting next week. We expect to host a podcast on the 9th of December (or later if required), and thankfully we’re receiving lots of discussion for Episode 4 on the forum so we expect that to go off without a hitch.

If you would like to see the Higurashi Tea Party continue, please give it a read, join the discussion on the forum and apply for the podcast! If we see lots of discussion then we’ll notice the demand and recommence the Tea Party, but until that day comes we’ll be closing the door on Hinamizawa’s mysteries from the time being.

Nonetheless, please look forward to the Umineko Episode 4 Tea Party! Bringing the question arcs to a close, I’m very excited to see what deductions and theories our witch hunters will formulate.


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