Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch. 5 Meakashi Released on Steam!


That’s right, the very first of the Higurashi Answer arcs has been published on Steam at long last! Meakashi-hen returns us to the setting of Watanagashi-hen for a first-hand look at what really happened through the eyes of Shion Sonozaki. In this Chapter we’ll be properly introduced to Satoshi Houjou for the first time, along with many other twists and turns. The time has come to test if your theories were correct or not!

It’s being sold at the standard price of $7.99 USD, but you can pick it up at 10% off until the 6th of May. Will you be picking it up? I’ll be waiting until we finish with the Himatsubushi Tea Party first, but I’m excited to dig into it soon! And once you’ve taken the time to read it, be sure to jump in with your thoughts in our forum topics!


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