Higurashi's 10th Anniversary Goods listed on Movic


The 10th Anniversary Event twitter for Higurashi surprised us earlier in January announcing that they are re-selling merchandise online for a limited time. From January 13th to February 28th, most event-only items will now be available for purchase on Movic.

The event was to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Higurashi anime with rooms and booths inspired by events and scenery from the series and art galleries featuring Ryukishi07’s art. Ryukishi07 and composer Dai themselves also attended the event.

Items for sale include a music box featuring a certain iconic track (3704 yen), acrylic keychains of the cast (648 yen each), two packs of clearfiles containing two clearfiles each (694 yen each), a plate with the cast and assorted foods as the design (1204 yen), the lot of mini paperboards collection featuring past official art (6019 yen), rubber straps of the cast (1204 yen each) a Large size 10th Anniversary T-shirt (1852 yen), badge sets of the cast (593 yen each), a badge set of the prominent guys (1111 yen), Keiichi’s notebook (463 yen), and a When They Cry backpack featuring iconic weapons from the series (7407 yen).

If you missed your chance to buy these items, better get them now while you still can!


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