Iwaihime -Matsuri- PS4/Vita port announced!


Remember our article about Higanbana getting a 3DS port? Well we have another port coming out this year! Iwaihime, originally released for PC, is being ported to the PS4/Vita! The Iwaihime twitter tweeted that they owed it all to the fans for this commercial release being possible. The port will be released on July 20th for 7,538 yen on the PS4 and 6,458 yen on the Vita.

Ryukishi tweeted that he will be writing a new scenario for this port so along with the original story there will be new content! How exciting!

You can preorder Iwaihime -Matsuri- using AmiAmi, CDjapan, and Yes-Asia. The download edition for the original PC version is still being offered on the DMM Games site.

Since NIS is in charge of the port, there may be a chance of localization, but as of this point there has not been an announcement of any kind.

Planning on picking up a copy? Let us know! As for me, I’m considering the PS4 version!

UPDATE: A PV has been published for the release! Check it out below. Be warned that it may contain spoilers!


Just a Pikachu wandering through many fragments.