Rose Guns Days Season 2, Vol. 2 Released


February 21st marks the release of the second volume of the Rose Guns Days Season 2 manga in English by Yen Press. As the sixth volume overall in the collection and second to last in the season, this volume is filled with 174 action-packed illustrated pages by Nana Natsunishi, an artist new to the 07th Expansion manga scene. The summary from the back of the book reads:

Oliver, Nina, and Charles have officially adopted Zel as one of their own, transforming the dunce trio into a happy quartet! But the streets of District 23 are still rife with tension, leading to more conflicts between Primavera and the Chinese Golden Dragon. The same happy quartet starts an investigation to root out the underlying source of the unrest, but a close call triggers the return of Zel’s lost memories…

For those interested in a physical copy, it is avaiable for a retail price of $14 at places such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository. For those who prefer digital, Google Play has it for $6.99.

Have you purchased your copy yet? Feel free to let us know down the comments below.


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