The Watanagashi Tea Party has now commenced!


Today marks the beginning of the Higurashi Watanagashi Tea Party! From now until the 30th, we’ll be rallying everyone to read through Watanagashi and share their thoughts on the forum. We have a topic for veterans to the series, as well as one for those who are experiencing Higurashi for the first time. In this time we’ll also be rallying for Fanworks of Watangashi, so get creative!

We’ll also be deciding on one member who we believe has made the most positive contributions to the Tea Party to be granted the title of Watanagashi Tea Party MVP, and they will win a copy of Higurashi Tatarigoroshi on Steam, as well as a unique forum badge~

At the conclusion of the Tea Party, a select few forumers will come together to record a Podcast discussing the chapter at length, incorporating topics brought up on the forum. If you have a particular topic or question you’d like to see brought up on the podcast, please make a statement in bold so we see it! And if you yourself would like to be on the Podcast, we are currently accepting expressions of interest, so don’t be afraid to raise your hand!

It’s time to dive back into the madness of Hinamizawa once more.


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