The When They Cry Localisation Appreciation Week


Art by PocketyHat

The When They Cry Localisation Appreciation Week was an initiative to get positivity and appreciation flowing for the localisation efforts of When They Cry by Mangagamer, Yen Press and everyone else who’s helped bring When They Cry to English-speaking audiences. To be able to see the likes of Higurashi and Umineko on Steam is a dream many never believed would be possible, and yet today we stand in the fragment where that miracle has been realised.

Over the week of the 23rd of January 2017, contributors took to Twitter and Tumblr using the hashtag #ThanksForWTC and included messages of thanks and love to the localisers, including messages of what the When They Cry means to them and even fanart, some sharing photos of their collections of WTC media. Others took to the Rokkenjima forum and shared in greater depth the impact When They Cry has had on them.

All the submissions made to the hashtag have been chronicled in the comments below. On behalf of the When They Cry fandom, an enormous thank you to the hard work of Mangagamer, Yen Press, Geneon Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, NIS America, Sonozaki Futagotachi, Seams, The Witch Hunt and of course 07th Expansion and everyone else who made it possible to experience the When They Cry series in English!

You, who are reading this. Please pass this on to make sure it reaches it’s intended recipients. That is OUR only desire.

-The When They Cry Fandom


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