TRianThology Free Trial Now Live!


In preparation for TRianThology’s release on Wednesday (looks like it was delayed a few days), 07th Expansion have published a Free Trial of the title on their TRianThology Website!

The Trial opens with a dual-language disclaimer prohibiting users from streaming, recording or even taking screenshots of gameplay, so we’ll only be posting screenshots from the official gallery here.


The trial opens with Alice and Usagi talking in a strange dimension reminiscent of the labyrinths of Madoka Magica, before we dive into our first kakera: the world of Country Gal. The plot begins to follows that of the manga adaptation, with the appropriate level of detail expected of the visual novel medium, but soon shifts in a slightly different direction. The story begins with four friends from the country who aspire to attend the same high school. Our protagonist, Keiko Futatsumori finds herself in an accident and is hospitalised for a long time, only to awaken and discover that all of her friends have become very different people and grown distant. From here, Keiko struggles to cope with her new life as a teenager and reform the bonds her friends once shared together. The trial concludes by returning to Alice and Usagi, before we dive into the fragment of High School Love Adventure, where the trial ends with a teaser reel of footage from High School Love Adventure and Vespio2438.


The game has a very unique presentation to it, with huge variation between different scenes. Many scenes feature animated backgrounds, which is a nice touch. Characters and text boxes never stay fixed in position, and move around freely to suit the situation. And that’s not to mention the wildly differing look and feel of the three worlds. Looks like TRianThology is going to be a very eclectic experience. And of course, the music is impressive as always!

If you’re interested in reading the title without knowing Japanese, we’ve confirmed that the game is compatible with Chiitrans Lite. This software parses the game’s text and feeds it through machine translations to assist your understanding. It’s far from perfect, but it’s our best recommendation until an English translation is announced.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the Trial in the discussion below!


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