TRianThology OP, Release Date & More!

Exciting news for everybody awaiting more info about TRianThology; the official website received a huge update today. Possibly the most eye-catching is the opening video published on the 07th Expansion Youtube channel, seen above! After a quick glance over, we’re noticing quite a lot of look-alikes to previous 07th Expansion works hidden in there. No doubt people are going to begin speculating connections to previous works from here on out!


Karen Sajiyouji (bottom) speaking with Fuhka Takatori in High School Love Adventure. Completely new characters, of course.

OP aside, the website has been updated with a truckload of details, including a huge list of character designs and bios, more story info, heaps of screenshots, and more teasing of the Unknown fourth world which seems to connect them all. It’s interesting to note how the three worlds have very distinct user interfaces, adding to the distinct feel of them.


Goro communicating with Reward in Vespio2438

With all this slew of new information, we also received a release date! TRianThology is scheduled to launch on the 28th of August 2016! We won’t have much longer to wait to dig our teeth into this title and see learn what these three disconnected stories have in common. I for one am very intrigued (however puzzled) about this title, and all this info has only gotten me more excited. What about you? Has TRianThology managed to pique your interest yet? Be sure to let us know in the discussion below!


A conversation between Mikihiko Inaba, Iyo Hikawa and Keiko Futatsumori in Country Gal

And also, don’t forget to join the ongoing speculation in our TRianThology Pre-Release Discussion and Speculation topic! We’d love to hear your thoughts and theories, particularly if you understand enough Japanese to extract details from the website!


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