Umineko Tea Party Podcast 1: Legend of the Golden Witch

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, witches and goats, for our very first edition of the Rokkenjima Umineko Tea Party Podcast. Joining me Aspirety are three newcomers to the world of Umineko: Rabla, NotKyon, and Seraphitic. As your host, I’ll be guiding our three guests to share their first impressions of their stay at Rokkenjima, and engage them in a bout of mystery solving. But worry not, because the Witch’s game has only just begun. My sincere apologies about the audio quality; we experienced some technical difficulties while recording that caused the quality to drop below expectations, we’ll ensure it doesn’t happen again in future episodes.

My humble thanks to all the forum members for their discussion of this Episode. Notable posters include Rabla, Renall, EisenKoubu, ghagler, Seraphitic, Yerian, stevenharryw, NotKyon and Karifean, terrific stuff. And special thanks to gogopri for their Episode 1 Fanart, you’ll be able to see it in the podcast video above. I anxiously await more fanworks for the Episode 2 Tea Party, which has already commenced right now on the forum. We’ll be seeing you in two weeks for our next Podcast episode.

If you’d prefer to download it and listen to it offline, you can find an mp3 here.

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