When They Cry 5 Teaser Page Published, First Details Mentioned


The 07th Expansion Frontpage has been updated with a new visual on April 1st, depicting a monochromatic Dubai skyline (Thanks @CafeDX!) with feathers in the foreground. The text roughly translates to “The newest work in the Naku Koro ni (When They Cry) series is currently in development.”


Ryukishi07 himself has been talking to fans at 07th Expansion Party in Japan about the new title, offering little tidbits of info without giving too much away. Here’s a rundown of some key points we were able to dig up from Twitter.





  • The title gives too much away, so he wants to keep it a secret until just before it’s released.

  • The codename for the new When They Cry is ‘The next ____’.

  • The setting is not a closed circle but an open world.

  • He is currently working on the feel of the world in order to develop the sub characters.



  • Since it is a global story, foreign characters will likely appear.

  • He’s wondering how abstract to make it and whether to lean towards entertainment or something difficult to understand that will have people arguing on message boards.

Now that we have some details to consider, let’s start speculating! What do you think When They Cry 5 is going to be like? Share your thoughts below! Thanks to Isae

And once WTC5 is eventually released, we hope you’ll join us on the forum for endless hours of discussions, theorycrafting and podcasts!


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