Concluded: Win a copy of Umineko When They Cry Question Arc!


That’s right! We’re raffling off a free copy of Umineko Question Arc because we feel like it!

To enter, all you have to do is share this article, and prove you’ve shared it by posting a comment below! You can retweet this tweet, share this post on Facebook, post about it on Tumblr, Reddit, heck even Google+ if you use it! Below, just link us to the post where you shared it, or take a screenshot. This is important! As long as you post below and we can verify that you did in fact share this article, you’ll go in the running!

Wanna triple your chances? Members with Witch rank on the forum will earn 2 additional entries in the raffle! To earn Witch rank, all you have to do is use the forum a bit for a few days! We’re hoping to make lots new friends through this initiative, so don’t be shy, say hi!

If we manage to get 20 entrants, I’ll throw in a second copy to the raffle, meaning more chances to win! We’ll be ending the giveaway and announcing the winners on the 28th of August, so you have until then to get your entry in and earn that Witch rank on the forum!

If you’ve been wanting to pick up Umineko, now is the perfect chance! With your copy, you’ll be able to read the first two episodes in preparation for our Episode 3 Tea Party in about 2 months time! Whether you’re an old fan of Umineko or new to 07th Expansion, we hope you’ll consider joining our humble community.

Congratulations to our two winners: WitchOfGames and Hao Cheng Shen!

Please check your forum PMs to redeem your gift. Thank you to all who entered, please look forward to our next giveaway soon!


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