Higurashi Tea Party continues with Tatarigoroshi, commencing next week!


The Higurashi Tea Party is continuing next week with Ch. 3 Tatarigoroshi! From the 7th to the 18th of November, we’ll be rallying the community to join together to discuss Tatarigoroshi, giving newcomers the chance to speculate and share theories. On the 18th we’ll be recording a podcast incorporating all of the discussion over the two weeks, and bringing the Tea Party to a close. And if you’re a creative type, we invite you to produce Fanart for the Tea Party too! If you’re still reading Higurashi along with the Steam releases, this is an excellent opportunity to generate ideas with fellow readers without fear of being spoiled.

Moreover, we’ll be awarding a copy of Ch. 4 Himatsubushi to the member we deem to have made the most positive contributions to the Tea Party on the forum, so get some awesome discussion happening for the chance to win!

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