Surprise! The Umineko Tea Party is continuing straight into Episode 2 from the 31st of July!


After some feedback and deliberation, we’ve decided to continue the Umineko Tea Party into Episode 2 straight after we finish with Episode 1 on the 30th of July! Umineko EP. 2 Tea Party - Turn of the Golden Witch, will take place from the 31st of July to the 19th of August. From there, we’ll be taking a break from Tea Parties for a month, to come back to Higurashi Ch. 2 in October, and continuing Umineko later on. (Timing subject to change, depending on various circumstances)

If you’re not sure what the Umineko Tea Party is all about, check out our initial announcement post here, which will explain everything you need to know. In a nutshell, it’s a community-wide readthrough of the story, discussing it on the forum as we go!

Our hope is that newcomers invested in Umineko from Episode 1 will appreciate the opportunity to read Episode 2 for the Tea Party straight after, as we consider Episode 2 quite central to introducing the world of Umineko to the reader; something like an extended prologue to the rest of the series. We hope our readers will use the break after Episode 2 to reflect on their ideas about the series and discuss the mysteries at length before coming back to continue with Episode 3 in the future. Trust us, Umineko isn’t a series you’ll want to binge through as fast as you can. Give yourself time to digest the story properly, you’re bound to appreciate it more that way.

Nonetheless, we hope the eager readers appreciate the chance to dig into Episode 2 straight away. Be sure to let us know what you think below, and offer any other feedback of the Episode 2 Tea Party. And if you are already enjoying your readthrough of Episode 1, be sure to leave your thoughts in our discussion topic!


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